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SpeakEasy! American Accent Modification Program

Do you know what a foreign accent is?  It's a sign of bravery.

                                                                      Amy Chua  

SpeakEasy! has curated BEST PRACTICES from well-established and evidence-based methods into a powerful hybrid online master series for American English accent modification training.  Not a "One Size Fits All" approach.  Our accent modification training is designed for you, a linguistically talented, non-native speaker who is fluent in American English with a mild to moderate accentedness that creates at times a challenge and frustration in the workplace. 

SpeakEasy! starts training where language teaching stops.  We'll take you to the finish-line, listener-friendly American English pronunciation for professional development and linguistic talent position retention. This elective instructor-led training includes 

  • Personal Speech Analysis
  • personalized assignments
  • coached practice  
  • a professional development Certificate of Completion for 80 hours of accent modification training


This approach ensures a delivery method that is effective, consistent, and reliable in modifying your American accent.

For additional information on bespoke accent modification training to meet both global and local American English accent needs,  e-mail Cindy at admin@speakeasypro.net or text (415) 545-8401 and visit www.speakeasypro.net

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    Café for American English Accent PROnunciation Practice.  

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    Mandatory: Yes

    Estimated Time:

    80 hours in 3 months

    Mandatory: Yes