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SpeakEasy! American Accent Modification Academy

Do you know what a foreign accent is?  It's a sign of bravery.

                                                                                                   Amy Chua  

SpeakEasy! has curated BEST PRACTICES from well-established and evidence-based methods. The Discovery 7 is a new approach to accent learning that combines trainer-led virtual consultations with online digital pre-work to accelerate the learning progress.

By fully integrating the digital pre-work and trainer-led consultations, we enable learners to arrive with baseline knowledge to optimize the consultation.  A powerful master series for American English accent modification training. Not a "One Size Fits All" approach. Designed for linguistically talented, non-native speakers who are fluent in American English with mild to significant to heavy accent differences. 

Benefits of American Accent Pronunciation Training for a Competitive Advantage for Global Teams :

  • Facilitates ease of interpersonal interaction
  • Increases team collaboration 
  • Prevents time-consuming and potentially costly misunderstandings at the workplace
  • Reduces client and vendor frustrations 
  • Increases confidence
  • Career development for retention and advancement
  • Expands business markets with essential virtual communication skills

SpeakEasy! starts training where language teaching stops. We'll take you to the finish-line, listener-friendly American English pronunciation for professional development. 

This elective instructor-led training is a 3 month blended online includes: 

  • Personal Speech Analysis
  • SpeakEasy! Academy with on-demand modules, also available in the free Moodle App 
  • Personalized assignments
  • Self-paced prework with mobile learning
  • Coached training 
  • One-on-one trainer-led consultations 
  • LIFETIME subscription to the Compton Online Practice Program & workbook
  • Mastering Effective English Intonation MEEC: Intonation Patterns of American English e-book & downloadable audibles
  • A Certificate of Completion for 80 hours of accent modification training

Whenever we are lifelong learners, it's not just about us because we all touch the people around us.  We are passionate about ensuring that you will have great results. We have assembled a proven accent pronunciation program.   

Your role is to be equally committed. When you humble yourself to shift and you commit to change, what you're really doing - I think - is being part of what you're made for.  The most important factor is your motivation and dedication to practicing between the consultations, essential for a speech habit change.  

I encourage you to contact me to discuss your needs and how we can partner. admin@speakeasypro.net or text (415) 545-8401 and visit www.speakeasypro.net

    Tilgjengelige kurs

    Estimated Time:

    80 hours in 3 months

    Mandatory: Ja

    Café for American English Accent PROnunciation Practice.  

    Estimated Time:


    Mandatory: Ja

    Estimated Time:

    80 hours in 3 months

    Mandatory: Ja